Asperfol – Flowering plants

Asperfol – Piante Fiorite is a liquid mineral foliar fertilizer with specific fertilizing activity for flowering plants.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Regular use stimulates flowering and intensifies the color of the flower.
Liquid fertilizer for flowers recommended for roses, tulips, gerberas, geraniums, surfinias, begonias, new guinea etc…

NPK 5-6-6 fertilizer solution with boron (B), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn).


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ASPERFOL FLOWERING PIANTE is a specific foliar fertilizer for nourishing flowering plants grown in pots or in the ground. Regular use of the product guarantees a balanced supply of nutritional elements suitable for plant development and ensures flowering full of intense colours. The presence of microelements prevents any deficiencies, to ensure the maintenance of biological balance.

Elemento Simbolo Descrizione %
Nytrogen N total 5
Nytrogen N nitric 1.48
Nytrogen N ammoniacal 1.44
Nytrogen N ureic 2.08
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 soluble in water 6
Potassium Oxide K2O soluble in water 6
Boro B soluble in water 0.05
Copper Cu soluble in water 0.01
Copper Cu chelatedwith EDTA 0.01
Manganese Mn soluble in water 0.01
Manganese Mn chelated with EDTA 0.01
Zinc Zn soluble in water 0.01
Zinc Zn chelated with EDTA 0.01

Doses and methods of use

Foliar applications. Dilute 5 – 10 g of product in 1 liter of water and spray every 10 days.

Cultures Dosage
Fruit 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Citrus fruits 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Grapevine 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Olive tree 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Horticultural 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Flowering plants 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Ornamental 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2