Asperfol – Universal

Asperfol – Universal is a liquid mineral fertilizer with fertilizing activity. Its balanced composition allows it to be used for all crops and in all phenological stages. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Recommended for apple, peach, apricot, cherry, orange, lemon, olive, tomato, courgette, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, carrot, herbs, rose, geranium, surfinia, hydrangea, jasmine, bougainvillea, anthurium, ficus, etc.

NPK 6-6-6 fertilizer solution with boron (B), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn)


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ASPERFOL UNIVERSALE is a liquid mineral fertilizer with a balanced ratio between microelements, indicated for
most of all crops. Regular use of the product facilitates better quantitative and qualitative production, obtaining more luxuriant crops and the presence of microelements prevents any deficiencies, to guarantee maintenance of the biological balance.


ITEM Symbol Description %
Nytrogen N total 6
Nytrogen N nitric 2
Nytrogen N ammoniacal 2
Nytrogen N ureic 2
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 soluble in water 6
Potassium Oxide K2O soluble in water 6
Boron B soluble in water 0.05
Copper Cu soluble in water 0.01
Copper Cu chelated with EDTA 0.01
Manganese Mn soluble in water 0.01
Manganese Mn chelated with EDTA 0.01
Zinc Zn soluble in water 0.01
Zinc Zn chelated with EDTA 0.01

Doses and methods of use

Foliar applications. Dilute 5 – 10 g of product in 1 liter of water and spray every 10 days.

Culture Dosage
Fruit 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Citrus Fruits 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Grapevine 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Olives 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Horticultural 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Flowering plants 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2
Ornamental 1.5 ml/m2 – 2 ml/m2